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Coconut Steam Chalice

Coconut Steam chalice

Made from organic Jamaican coconuts.

$85.00 including shipping

Calabash Steam Chalice

Calabash Steam Chalice

Made from the calabash fruit brought to Jamaica from South America during transatlantic slavery when Jamaica was occupied by the Spanish. Used to alsoake cups and bowls and used in art and craft work. Traditionally used to store water in, keeps it Kool.

$85.00 including shipping

Coconut charcoal

Made from the shells of Jamaican organic coconuts. Coconut charcoal in the raw form is a nontoxic experience.

$15.00 including shipping


The vase shaped kutchie is designed for internationals as it is small or discreet and is made to not hold much medicinal herb, just a gram or two maximum.

$15.00 including shipping

Chalice Bag

Made from pure organic cotton.

$15.00 including shipping

Twin set steam chalices

Twin-Set Steam CHALICE

Two steam chalices for a discounted price. One coconut and a calabash steam chalice are included.

$130.00 including shipping

Chalice StanD

A perfect fit Made from pure Jamaican clay.

$15.00 including shipping

RED CLAY chalice

Made from Jamaican red clay and clear glaze. New Product

$100.00 including shipping

Marble effect chalice

Made from Jamaican local white and red clay fashioned into a ‘marble effect’. New Product

$115.00 including shipping